Why Choose Us?

Does your child have an expressive or receptive language delay, diagnosis of ASD or a mild-to-moderate intellectual disability and has fallen behind their classmates or is struggling with their learning? Our school exists for children who have an official diagnosis and are experiencing a significant barrier to learning. While the diagnoses listed above are typical of our students there is quite a long list of other conditions we can consider. Please contact us for a conversation if you are unsure if you meet the entry criteria. A 5-minute phone call could change your child’s educational experience.

Life Skills

While we believe the learning of basic literacy and numeracy skills are going to be critical in improving life opportunities for your child, we also believe successful growth in emotional regulation, social skills and independent living skills will be key to the quality of their relationships and independence. We seek to develop a range of social stories, social skills, independent living skills, communication skills and relationship skills in partnership with our students and their families.

Growing Academically

Arise Christian College uses a teaching strategy called Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) in lessons. It describes the way our teachers teach and also the types of programs we use. EDI is a way of ensuring our students learn in small manageable chunks, that teachers regularly check for understanding of learning, and we revise our learning regularly. Research clearly shows EDI is a highly effective way for students to learn and is a foundation of best practice teaching. It has been instrumental in fast ­tracking our student’s academic growth despite the barriers to learning they experience.

Our Families

Above all it is important to hear first-hand from current parents about their experience of the school and what it has meant for their children. We would love for you to meet some of them in this video.

Christian Perspective

We teach from a Christian perspective and seek to enable each student to reach their full potential. Partnering with our families in educating their children in a Christ- centred way is part of what we do. The values of faith, generosity, unity, excellence and growth form the basis of who we are as a school and the way we conduct operations from teaching through to social interactions in the playground.

Ready to take a tour?

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