We don't think of Arise Christian College as simply a school for students with disabilities.

Arise is for students with unique abilities; abilities we will nurture, abilities that will grow, and abilities that will become the path to your child’s future success as a valuable and contributing member of society. Arise was established at the beginning of 2020 in the buildings of sister school, Maitland Christian School, until the new facilities opened in 2022. Arise Christian College is currently registered to enrol students from Years K-12.

The initial idea of a school like Arise came from Maitland Christian School’s observed needs of some of its existing students. They believed that they had passionate and excellent teachers, highly proficient teaching practice, the best available educational programs and students who were actively engaged in the learning process. However, despite this, some students were not experiencing the level of success in their academic learning we knew they were capable of. After much research and investigation, the school board decided that the best avenue to support these students was to create an environment where their needs could be better met. This is where Arise Christian College began. The board had a vision of a school where significantly more support than a mainstream school could offer would be an option for students with a barrier to their learning.

School Governance: Arise is administered by a non-profit company which appoints a board of directors to govern the school. The board of directors, which consists of representatives from Metford Community Baptist Church and the parent community, is responsible for the development of the school’s policies and long-term planning.

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